For 2015, HORSCH has expanded the offering of the Maestro to include a 40 foot toolbar version.

“The planter has different row spacing options on a 40-foot bar — 16 rows at 30” or 24 rows at 20” and a 15” splitter option,” says Jeremy Hughes, sales and marketing product manager for HORSCH. This builds upon the proven line of the Maestro which was previously only available on a 60 foot bar with row spacing of 30 inches. The key features of the Maestro remain an integral part of the new toolbar option. These features would include electric drive motors, hydraulic down pressure and a weight transfer system to reduce potential pinch rows.

The 40’ toolbar version of the Maestro is available with 80 bushels of seed and 780 gallon of liquid fertilizer capacity. A rather unique option for the Maestro is the ability to switch out the liquid fertilizer tank for an additional seed tank used when planting soybeans, resulting in a capacity of 160 bushels.

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