Yetter Manufacturing is excited to welcome the 9010 TrackTill® product series, a rolling tine system designed to eliminate soil compaction and increase yields.

TrackTill was created by Agriculture Concepts founder Colin Hurd to eliminate pinch row compaction caused by the tractor and planter during planting. “We are excited to be able to manufacture and market TrackTill to our dealers and customers,” stated Derek Allensworth, marketing manager at Yetter Manufacturing.

TrackTill is an attachment designed to address a specific problem: changes in the bulk density of the soil resulting from pinch row compaction that occurs while heavy equipment travels through the field. This compaction limits the roots’ growth and diminishes infiltration of water and nutrients. The result can be greatly reduced yields in the pinch rows, causing the grower to lose several bushels per acre.

The TrackTill series is offered in either central mount or frame mount kits. The TrackTill Central Mount (CM) kit is designed to mount around the central frame of planters with 30” row spacing. The CM kit includes four hydraulic down pressure cylinders, four mounting assemblies with vertical 10” tine rollers attached. The TrackTill Frame Mount (FM) is designed to mount to the frame of planters with 20-22” or 30” row spacing. The FM kit includes fully pneumatic adjustable down pressure as well as four mounting assemblies with the attached vertical 10” tine rollers.

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