KUHN introduces a true innovation in square bale wrapping with the SW 4014. This versatile self-loading bale wrapper features a unique AutoLoad function for nonstop fully automatic wrapping and has the additional advantage of wrapping large square, medium square and round bales.

AutoLoad is based on 2 sensors and sophisticated software. A laser sensor is placed inside the top cover at the front side of the machine and is used to detect approaching bales. A wheel sensor is placed on the left wheel and is used to measure the speed and distance towards the bale.

The AutoLoad function provides nonstop fully automatic wrapping of bales without interference from the driver. AutoLoad detects approaching bales, automatically scans the length of the bale and sets the loading arms into pre-load position, resulting in high accurate loading, wrapping and unloading of the bale on the go. This leads to an increased overall capacity and creates a more ergonomic and stress less working environment during a long working day.

The SW 4014 can be operated with a broad range of tractors because of a limited oil flow requirement.

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