Amazone has been recognized once again for its innovations. Before the world’s most important and biggest agriculture machinery trade show–Agritechnica, the Innovation Commission awarded Amazonen-Werke three silver medals.

The first medal has been given for EasyCheck, the digital, mobile test kit for determining the lateral distribution of centrifugal fertilizer spreaders. The Innovations Commission recognized the significant increase in the efficiency of the process as well as

Instead of the normal collecting trays, Amazone’s EasyCheck needs only lightweight rubber mats and a newly developed smartphone APP to check and to optimize the lateral distribution and the adjustment of the spreader.

the organizational benefits from this simplification in checking the lateral distribution of fertilizer spreaders. Instead of the normal collecting trays found in the classic 16-tray mobile test kit, EasyCheck needs only lightweight rubber mats and a newly developed Smartphone APP to check and to optimize the lateral distribution and the adjustment of the spreader. EasyCheck requires about only one quarter of the time needed to carry out a test.

The second medal was awarded to AmaSpot, the sensor controlled individual nozzle switching with low drift injector nozzle technology. AmaSpot is an innovation that Amazone has developed in cooperation with Rometron and Agrotop. The decisive innovations include the GreenSense fluorescence sensors fitted to the sprayer boom, which allow the scanning of the entire field surface and differentiate between green plants and bare ground.

In addition, the system features new pulse width frequency modulation nozzles that open and close in a split second, allowing the on and off switching to the exact inch–even at high forward speeds of up to 12.5 mph. This teamwork of sensors and nozzles initially enables the precise application of herbicides just to targeted areas, right down to the individual plant. The sensor detects the green plant and the nozzle applies the herbicide exactly at this position. This is how AmaSpot eliminates full area total herbicide application and only treats areas where weeds or volunteer grains are growing. Between 20% and 80% glyphosate agents can be saved in comparison with full area treatments (depending on drilling techniques).

The third medal Amazone received from the Innovations Commission recognizes the benefits of GPS-Switch with AutoPoint in connection with pneumatic seed drills. In headland, this innovation automatically switches on and off precisely at the metering system of seed drills.

Until now, utilizing GPS-Switch on pneumatic seed drills, calculating the different delay times between the switching on and off of the metering units and the seed flow at the coulter was a problem. With the aid of a sensor at the coulter, the new AutoPoint system is able to determine the actual seed flow, allowing the exact delay time and the exact switching points to ensure the optimum start and stop of the metering cassette on the headland. Overlaps and seed gaps are safely prevented, and the efficiency of the seed drill is further increased.

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