Now, farmers and other ag professionals can visit to browse thousands of new and used ag tires and wheels for sale. Customers can buy tires for tractors, combines, sprayers, grain carts, irrigation systems and other agricultural implements, and receive fast, direct shipping to their location. With this launch, Ag Tire Outlet is the only online retailer of its kind completely dedicated to ag tires.

The new website allows customers to buy the exact tires they need or want, rather than relying on their local supplier’s inventory. Its robust search tool helps users easily find the desired solutions with the ability to search by manufacturer, tire width, rim size, application, and more. A call center is also available during normal business hours to assist with transactions and provide advice in finding the best tire for each operation.

Another unique advantage of Ag Tire Outlet is its large selection of used tires. It provides a single source to make the search for used products much easier and more practical than going through local suppliers. Many used tires and wheels can be found in like-new condition for discounted prices.

Ag Tire Outlet was founded by Dawson Tire & Wheel, a premium supplier of tires, wheels and assemblies for agricultural applications. Dawson was started by a farmer from Gothenburg, Nebraska, who had a vision to open a local tire service shop, which eventually evolved into an outside-the-box business idea to sell a full line of tires and wheels to farm equipment and irrigation dealers nationwide. Dawson’s roots in agriculture, more than 15 years of experience in the tire and wheel business, and large inventory of tires with multiple warehouses throughout North America will help ensure customers’ success at Ag Tire Outlet.

“We envision Ag Tire Outlet becoming the go-to source for finding a wide variety of new and used ag tires and wheels,” said Eric MacPherson, CEO of Dawson Tire & Wheel. “Our site already has more than 2,000 tire options available for purchase, and that number will continue to grow. It will completely change the way ag tires are bought and sold.”

Founded by Dawson Tire & Wheel, Ag Tire Outlet is an online retailer offering thousands of new and used ag tires and wheels for purchase with fast, direct shipping available. For more information, call 844-693-1299 or visit