The newly engineered 2000 series Early Riser® planter combines the industry’s most accurate planter technologies with an all-new rugged row unit for fast and uniform emergence.

As the only planter engineered and built with Precision Planting® components, you can customize your planter with next-generation technology, direct from the factory. Plus, tool-free crop changes and simple settings and adjustments maximize the hours in a day that you can spend planting.

All-new rugged row unit built for high-speed planting

Heavy-duty cast components, including the row unit frame, lower parallel arms and maintenance-free gauge wheel arms, help the new Early Riser planter stand up to high speeds and tough, fast-changing conditions. Whether planting laser-straight rows at 10 miles per hour, or a contoured field, the new Early Riser planter is consistently accurate. Additional features that ramp up the ruggedness include:

  • Industry-leading 26-inch toolbar clearance, plus 16 inches of vertical row-unit travel accommodate uneven terrain — without sacrificing accurate seed depth and consistent closing
  • Larger (15-inch diameter), heavier (4.5 millimeters thick) Earth Metal® blades provide long-lasting durability
  • Agronomic offset design helps blades slice through tough crop residue and hard soils to reduce residue “hairpinning”
  • Exclusive pulled — not pushed — gauge wheels and their soil relief groove help eliminate sidewall compaction, providing consistent soil density for uniform warming and nutrient availability
  • Simple, accessible T-handle depth adjustment makes changing seeding depth in 1/8-inch increments quick and easy

Integrated game-changing technology delivers precise placement

Building on the existing partnership between Case IH and Precision Planting, we’ve joined forces to take seed delivery to the next level. Take a closer look at the next-generation planting technology developed just for the 2000 series Early Riser planter:

vSet® 2 and vDrive® electric drive systems

  • New vSet 2 and vDrive electric drive systems deliver accurate and consistent seed singulation populations and in-row spacing
  • Combined, they offer precise per-row seed metering and simplicity for independent population control, regardless of speed
  • Tool-free maintenance and adjustments — even when switching between crops


  • DeltaForce hydraulic down force helps achieve the ultimate row-by-row control across varying soil conditions and speeds
  • Automatically provides the required up or down pressure to achieve consistent weight on the gauge wheels, resulting in highly accurate seed depth
  • Measures gauge wheel load 200 times per second, triggering hydraulic adjustments to add or remove weight five times every second

Advanced Seed Delivery

  • For the most accurate seed delivery and placement to and in the trench, the 2000 series Advanced Seed Delivery option includes the new SpeedTubefrom Precision Planting
  • Available for corn and soybeans, SpeedTube uses a flighted belt to control delivery of the seed from the meter to the furrow, which eliminates drop and tumble variability — especially at high speeds
  • SpeedTube belt moves at a rate that increases and decreases with planter speed, ensuring optimal seed spacing

Tailored, flexible and dependable

Each 2000 series Early Riser planter can be configured direct from the factory to meet the needs of any operation based on soil type, terrain, fertilizer/chemical preferences and residue management. A streamlined design makes service access easy and simplifies adjustments. Plus, we’ve eliminated all the mechanical components — hex shafts, bearings, couplers, sprockets, chains and clutches — so when the time is right, you can hit those critical planting windows with confidence.

See it in person at the National Farm Machinery Show — February 10-13, 2016

Join us at the National Farm Machinery Show to be among the first to see the AE50 award-winning Early Riser 2150 planter, the first of the new 2000 series Early Riser planter models. But before you head to Louisville, visit the new 2000 series Web page or talk with your Case IH dealer to learn more about how the new Early Riser planter is changing the game.