Hey Machinery Co., Inc. (also known as Hey Wheel) now offers a one-piece wheel made for low pro truck tires to go along with their two-piece bolt-together wheel for non-flyable aircraft tires.

"Our wheels are designed for use with heavier ply tires, which virtually eliminate thorn and stubble damage,” stated Bob Hey, president of Hey Machinery Co.

Operators looking for less downtime on tire and wheel repair should consider Hey Wheel's new line of specially designed wheels. “This is very cost effective for farmers looking for long term tire and wheel solutions.  We have numerous customers tell us they have been using our earlier assemblies for 15 plus years,” added Hey.

Hey wheel has tire and wheel applications for planters, vertical tillage, tractor fronts, brush mowers, manure spreaders and scrapers.

Visit www.heywheel.com for more information.