JR Metal Products can better serve their customer base with an expanded product offering with their recent purchase of Zimmerman Elevators and GroundBusters®.

Groundbusters® is a line of food plot/hobby farming soil preparation equipment. “Our aim is to meet the needs of this rapidly growing industry to serve the small plot farmer with a solid line of high quality equipment,” said John Petersheim, president of JR Metal. “This equipment is often pulled by a garden tractor, or ATV.”

JR Metal’s purchase of Zimmerman Elevators puts them at the cutting edge of conveyance manufacturing. Currently, there are three models models of elevators available: the 380 Chain & Paddle Elevator, the 480 Rubber Belt Elevator, and the 880 Portable Lightweight Bale Conveyor. 

A web entry on the Zimmerman web site stated: “We are happy to report that the high quality standards that Zimmerman Elevators have become known by will continue with J&R Metal Products.”

These new products round out JR Metal’s existing products, which include two different models of manure scrapers: the Model 78 Poultry House Scraper and the Model 68 Hog Barn Scraper, which are offered in painted mild steel and stainless steel. The manure scrapers are accompanied by JR Metal’s own Model 605 Drive Winch Unit and all of the peripherals needed for a complete setup.

For more information about these products, visit www.zimmermanelevators.com and www.groundbusters.com.