The creator of the Double D Cattle Mat will introduce his innovative new product used to assist cattlemen in humanely transporting a non-ambulatory animal after a fall.

The patent-pending Double D Sled 'n Sling is a solid rubber sheet with a lifting bar and chain loops on each end. You can move a downed cow by rolling the animal onto the rubber sling, and either pull the sling out of the area as a sled or lift it up as a sling using a skid-steer loader. The simple design makes it easy to use and store.

“[The Sled ‘n Sling] is light enough to be easily positioned and provides tie down areas so that an animal can be moved without worry of additional injury,” said Dee Griffin, DVM, of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln’s Great Plains Veterinary Educational Center.

This product is the latest invention from Dale Goetz of Park, Kansas, who created the original Double D Cattle Mat in 1995 to protect livestock in his own feedlot from potentially costly injury in slick heavy loading and processing areas. The Double D Cattle Mat is a woven mat made from reclaimed tires that cuts falls by nearly 100- percent and has been endorsed by Temple Grandin.

The NCBA Trade Show will be held January 27-29 at the San Diego Convention Center and is an excellent opportunity for media and show attendees to visit with Goetz and his team to learn more about the Sled ‘n Sling and Double D Cattle Mat.

“We are looking forward to meeting with the media and current and prospective customers face-to-face in San Diego. We see it as an opportunity to meet with people outside our home state of Kansas to tell them about our products and to get feedback as well.”

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