McFarlane announced today they will be offering a “sneak preview” of the newly updated Quadra-Till Primary Combo Tillage Tool at the 2016 National Farm Machinery Show, February 10-13 in Louisville, KY.

“The engineering updates to the Quadra-Till turn a great product into a world-class product” states Stan McFarlane, Vice President of McFarlane Manufacturing, Co. “We have put a lot of time into the study of tillage practices and through our design and engineering efforts have created a tool that is truly unique. A “one-pass” fall Primary Combo Tillage Tool”.

The Quadra-Till name is derived from the four functions of the machine; sizing residue to aid decomposition, full soil shatter to eliminate compaction layers, mixing residue uniformly throughout the soil profile for good seed to soil contact, and leveling the seedbed eliminating the need for multiple field finishing passes.

“This is a Primary Combo Tillage Tool that really needs to be seen in the field because there is nothing else like it”, adds Norm Burgeson, Sales Manager at McFarlane Manufacturing, Co. “The design updates including the option for independently mounted disk blades allow us to greatly expand the number of markets for this tool. The Quadra-Till accomplishes what other conventional competitive units can’t, and far more economically. Size, shatter, mix, and level in a single pass, and with the finishing capabilities that McFarlane is so well known for, making it the only single pass unit in its’ class”.

The “sneak-preview” of the fall 2016 Quadra-Till can be seen on McFarlane’s Lot in Louisville, located in the North Wing, #4972.