TeeJet Technologies has launched a new line of variable rate spray nozzles. This family includes two nozzles for broadcast liquid fertilizer applications – the 7-stream tip/cap combo (SJ7-VR) and 3-stream tip/cap combo (SJ3-VR). Additionally, two flow regulator models are being offered for liquid fertilizer metering on seeding equipment and fertilizer application toolbars – a push-to-connect body (PTC-VR) and a Quick TeeJet hose barb body (QJ-VR).  

All versions feature polymer construction with an EPDM variable orifice. The use of an elastomer-based, variable orifice allows for simple, compact design and reliable operation. No springs, pins, check valves or other moving parts are used. Typical flow rates from a single tip span the range of five fixed-orifice tips. These nozzles offer a simple, cost effective solution for prescription map, variable rate applications.  For fixed rate applications farmers can operate across a wider range of ground speeds without changing tips or using costly multiple-nozzle control systems and bodies.

“The new Variable Rate nozzles are based on our proven StreamJet series that have been extremely popular with farmers all over the world,” notes Tim Stuenkel, Global Marketing Manager with TeeJet Technologies. “The increased productivity this product offers will save time and help ensure that optimum rates are applied consistently throughout the field.”

TeeJet Technologies manufactures a comprehensive line of products including agricultural spray nozzles for various herbicide/fungicide applications, boom components, valves/manifolds, strainers, and spray guns, as well as GPS guidance systems, sprayer control systems, ISOBUS job computers, assisted steering systems and other precision farming products. In addition, TeeJet Technologies continues to invest in research and development to advance precision application and control technology.