Intelligent Agricultural Solutions (IAS) is pleased to formally announce the release of additional functionality for its Wireless Blockage Monitor, the innovative iPad-based monitoring solution launched by the company last fall.

These new capabilities allow the system to monitor the flow of different product types on a single seeder, allowing IAS customers with double shoot configurations on their air seeders to monitor both seed and fertilizer simultaneously.

The improvements go beyond simply connecting a fertilizer run to the existing blockage ECU – they allow IAS customers to run separate blockage profiles for seed and fertilizer at the same time. As a result, IAS customers benefit from blockage monitoring alerts tailored to the flow rate of each product in the seeder – accurately diagnosing partial blockages on both seed and fertilizer anywhere in the system.

Both seed and fertilizer runs are represented separately on the iPad display, allowing the user to quickly see whether a seed or fertilizer run has been blocked.

“This is a great additional feature for the Wireless Blockage Monitor,” said Bobby Volesky, IAS product manager.

“Delivering reliable blockage alerts on both seed and fertilizer really adds to the value and versatility of the product. It gives our customers with double-shoot configurations a superior monitoring solution with more reliability and lower costs than other systems on the market.”

The new functionality will be released as an update to the Wireless Blockage Monitor application on the Apple App Store at the end of February.