May Wes introduces Tractor Stalk Stompers for John Deere 8000/8R Series ♦

May Wes lays claim to being the original manufacturer of “STALK STOMPERS” with nearly 40 years of proven experience. Our company continues to be attentive to client requests and committed to providing Tractor Stalk Stomper product solutions where demand exists. May Wes is pleased to announce the release of our latest Tractor Stalk Stomper application for John Deere’s 8000/8R Series tractors. This is in response to a growing demand for no-till and strip-till applications.

Our May Wes design team sought out input from owners of the John Deere 8000/8R tractors to prototype and develop this particular Tractor Stalk Stomper design. Production of this latest addition to May Wes’ Tractor Stalk Stomper is under way and initial deliveries have reached farm sites throughout the Midwest.

Why May Wes Tractor Stalk Stomper?
May Wes’ Tractor Stalk Stomper solution works off existing tractor hydraulics, and is robust and versatile compared to other products. The Tractor Stalk Stomper is designed for quick assembly and installation because there is no drilling or welding required and is built around a standard 4”x4” tube. Each assembly is configurable and can be customized to fit a wide range of tractor applications. Our shoes come in multiple widths, including 9”, 20”, 32”, and 38”.
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About May Wes
Since 1972, May Wes Manufacturing has been working with poly-based products and assures all products have been FIELD-TESTED and FARMER-APPROVED before it’s sold. The company has always been an innovator of the Ag equipment after-market components leveraging expertise with UHMW Polyethylene material. May Wes is a division of Pride Solutions and is located in Hutchinson, MN, USA.

The May Wes Tractor Stompers for John Deere 8000/8R Series.