Bestway Inc., a leading specialty agricultural equipment manufacturer, announces the addition of a new model to the rapidly growing Retriever® Transport Hitch product line. The new model is engineered for towing large drawn planters and other large implements with two-point or drawbar type hitches.
The Retriever® Transport Hitch “Wet Kit” model, utilizes a semi tractors dual acting Wet Kit (if so equipped) to provide the hydraulic power to the lift system of the Retriever Transport Hitch. The Retriever’s exclusive design allows switching from a CAT III, two-point hitch, to a CAT II in 10 seconds or less. For drawbar type implements and planters, a removable Class III drawbar with 12,000 lb. tongue weight capacity, is included with the hitch. A Category IV drawbar is available as an option. The drawbars are also changeable in a matter of seconds providing users the ultimate in flexibility. In addition a remote hydraulic valve is standard equipment for lifting or folding implements before towing. Also standard are storage boxes on both sides of the hitch frame to provide a handy carrying area for lifting straps, hitch pins etc. The Retriever Transport Hitch system installs and removes from the semi-tractor in about 5 minutes.
“Our farm equipment dealer and producer customers have requested a Wet Kit version of the Retriever Transport Hitch to utilize the existing hydraulic systems that many of their semi tractors already have installed,” states Dave Benson, of Bestway Inc. "The new Wet Kit version has the outstanding features of the 12 volt Power Pack version, less the Power Pack, which reduces the cost to the customer, while optimizing the use of their existing assets.”

A comprehensive Retriever® Transport Hitch demonstration DVD video is available on request. Contact Bestway Inc. at [email protected] or call 877-390-4480.