“The Honda brand is well recognized in the industry as quick-starting and always dependable,” said Jim Lascelles, service technician.  “Users will also appreciate the increase in power from our previous 11-horsepower model to 13 horsepower.”

Yetter has used a 5.5 horsepower Honda engine on its 1310-010 Maximizer™ Conveyer for two years and has been very pleased with the results. “Yetter decided to offer the more powerful engine in the rest of our bulk seed tools,” said Lascelles.

The Honda engine is equipped with an easy-to-reach electric key start and a 1.5-gallon fuel tank.

View a photo and explanation of the benefits of the Seed Jet II with the Honda engine.


More bulk seed handling solutions…

1300-121 Seed Jet II – The Seed Jet II uses the Honda 13-horsepower motor to operate a blower, which generates a stream of air that flows through an air lock out to a cyclone. The rate the seed is blown to the planter is controlled by a gate at the airlock on the tender. Seed flow can be started and stopped with a flip of the switch. The Seed Jet II is proven to be safe on soybeans, corn, wheat, edible beans, rice and cottonseed.

1300-132/133 Seed Box Train – The Seed Box Train mounts on flatbed trailers for transport.* It features a sturdy steel frame that secures seed boxes for travel. The Seed Jet II sits on a trolley stationed underneath the boxes and can roll from box to box to allow for a quick changeover when a box is empty or seed variety is switched. The Seed Box Train is available standard as a two-box setup.  Connection kits are available to connect any number of frames and box pairs—four, six, or eight, for example.
*Requires a trailer rated for the gross weight of the bulk seed box tender and boxes used. 

1310-010 Maximizer Conveyor – The Maximizer Bulk Seed Conveyor is the perfect solution to keep big planters rolling. Onboard capacity for up to four seed boxes provides ample seed supply, speeding up the planting process. Seed gently speeds along the conveyor belt, making seed refills extremely efficient.  The conveyor can be used with central-fill systems and individual row-unit boxes.