Curtis Industries LLC has introduced a new cab system for the Yanmar LX series compact tractor. The WorkPro cab system features a commercial-grade enclosure that maintains full ROPS certification. This efficient and durable design will provide years of reliable service.
This new durable, power-coated steel frame cab is equipped with steel doors and full sliding windows for maximum ventilation. Complete fit-n-finish design presents total visibility at all angles for optimum viewing. Door are pin-hinged for easy removal for summer comfort. The windshield is made of molded tempered safety glass with a pop-out vent feature and comes standard with a 12 volt heavy duty electric wiper.
The WorkPro cab system for the Yanmar LX series has been fashioned to work for the LX410, LX450 and LX490 series compact tractors. 
Many additional optional accessories are available for the WorkPro Cab System for the Yanmar LX Series which include a high performance heater, defroster fan, work lights, strobe or beacon lights, deluxe console with CD player and various lengths of front end loader blades.

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Curtis Industries, LLC also offers WorkPro cab systems for various other Yanmar compact tractors.