Brandt is proud to announce the addition of the new GrainBag Loader 3010   to the most complete grain handling line-up in the industry.  Unveiled at the 2012 Canada’s Farm Progress Show in June, the new GrainBag Loader 3010  keeps harvest rolling, and protects grain in the field or on the farm.
The large 20 inch loading auger offers up to 30,000 bushels per hour bag loading capacities, while the 8 foot hopper is wide enough to fill from both sides simultaneously.
New wide tunnel design distributes grain evenly throughout the whole grain bag and creates a consistent, ideal bag shape to remove oxygen and protect the grain.
The optional HP Truck Unloading Auger attachment allows you to bag directly from semi -trailers, giving you the ability to store your grain wherever is most convenient.
“Time is a valuable resource on the farm, especially during harvest and this new GrainBag Loader is designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.” says Arnie Josephson, Sales Manager for Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd. “Combine the capacity with the easy to use features like the winch control and you have a great tool to get you through harvest in no time”
Brandt Agricultural Products Ltd. engineers and manufactures spraying equipment, heavy harrows, and a complete line of grain handling equipment including grain augers, grain belt conveyors, grain carts, grain vacs, grain bag loaders, and grain bag unloaders. 

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Protect your grain in the field or on the farm quickly and efficiently with the Brandt GrainBag Loader 3010, the unlimited storage solution. Ensure that your harvest will not be delayed waiting for on-site storage to become available.