Strobel Manufacturing has just completed and moved in to their $2 million plant expansion and separate paint facility. With the expansion, they were able to hire 25 more employees and expand their product lines.

Steve Strobel, President and CEO of Strobel Manufacturing, said “We had the choice of relocating to larger cities but we chose not to relocate but to expand our present location in Clarks, Nebraska, because our employee draw was more of the strong Midwest farm work ethic. We are a family oriented workplace and wanted to keep it that way. Clarks is where our roots are.”

Steve’s grandfather, Leonard, started Strobel Blacksmith in 1946 and Steve purchased Strobel Industries from his father, Dwight, in 2008. Strobel Manufacturing product line includes forced ejection scrapers, pull-type graders, box scrapers and earth packers in its earth moving division. They produce bulk seed tenders and box seed tenders in the seed tender division, and in their crop production division they manufacture native grass seeders and rolling stalk cutters.

Strobel Manufacturing sells its products through its dealer network in the United States, Canada, and Australia. For more information, call 308-548-2254 or e-mail [email protected].