Tired of the endless walking involved when finding a fault in your fence; finding the fault, going back to turn off the energizer, fixing the fence, then going back to turn the energizer on again? Kencove Farm Fence Supplies offers the newest line of energizers with extended features to simplify fence troubleshooting needs.

Made in the USA, this series of energizers works as hard as you do. Programmed to work with an optional remote control, the energizer can be turned on or off from anywhere along the fence line. The remote control is also a fault finder and voltage meter, supplying you with 3 tools in 1. These energizers are designed with the latest technology using ultra low impedance, allowing your fence to maintain the integrity of the voltage while still performing under “real life” conditions; weather soaked and over grown weeds won’t impede performance.

We stay true to the actual amount of energy used to circulate the voltage through the fence line when sizing energizers. Equipped with diagnostic LED lights, you’ll never question the functionality of your 24 Joule energizer.

Kencove energizers give you more power for less money, with power ranges from 3 to 24 joules and everyday low prices. For fast, friendly service and expert advice visit www.kencove.com or call 1-800-KENCOVE.