Best known in the farming industry for their livestock trailers, Featherlite has launched a new fuel trailer that aims to help make farming operations run more efficiently, especially as farming continues to evolve. The new Model 1570 is a compact trailer that can be easily transported to fields to fuel and service equipment on site, saving time and expenses.

According to the USDA’s ‘The Changing Organization of U.S. Farming’ report published in December 2011, farm production has shifted to larger farms, while the number of smaller, commercial farms has declined. “This often means farmers are farming a larger number of acres and also often farming further away from home,” Randy Lewis, Featherlite national sales manager, said.

This sentiment is backed by Central Iowa Featherlite Trailer Sales Owner Brian Gonder. “Today’s farmer is a mobile farmer,” Gonder said. “Not that many years ago, people farmed within a few miles of their home. Today it’s not uncommon to farm many miles away.” In fact, he has local customers near their Featherlite dealership in Bondurant, Iowa, that even farm as far away as South Dakota and Minnesota.

In Gonder’s business, he estimates that 80 to 85 percent of his customers grow crops and raise livestock both. “It was a natural fit with our existing livestock trailers to expand our product line to meet this growing demand,” Lewis said. “This trailer saves farmers from having to leave the field to fuel up. Instead they can fuel their equipment right in the field.”

In addition to the agricultural uses, there are several other commercial applications as well, including construction equipment on work sites or in Gonder’s case, he has sold two units to a helicopter crop spraying business.

Featherlite’s Model 1570 is available with two fuel tank sizes, 550 or 760 gallons, with customization available to accommodate larger sizes as well. It also includes a gasoline powered transfer pump, 25 foot long retractable hose reel with fuel nozzle, fuel filter, drain plug and enclosed compartment with lockable doors. An option for a rear compartment with an air compressor/generator or with just additional space for tools and parts is also available.

“What we feel separates Featherlite from other similar models out in the market is our aluminum construction,” Lewis said. “They are lighter, easier to tow, more durable and over the long haul, we feel a wiser investment.”

Featherlite, named the top selling aluminum livestock trailer in the U.S. by SSI, Inc. for the fifth consecutive year, offers a versatile line of trailers for business and recreational uses, including livestock, cargo, car, horse and flatbed trailers.

For more information on Model 1570, call 800-800-1230, see a local dealer or visit the web at