New Holland’s next generation BigBaler sets a new benchmark in baling performance. With up to a 20% increase in capacity and up to 5% denser bales, the BigBalers significantly improve productivity and profitability. The BigBaler 330 produces 3’x3′ bales while the BigBaler 340 produces 3’x4′ bales.

“The new BigBalers offer, commercial hay operations, straw contractors and owner-operators unsurpassed baling performance,” says Mike Cornman, Dairy & Livestock Segment Marketing Manager.

The all-new MaxiSweep™ pickup has been completely redesigned featuring a new full-width feed assist roller with paired overshot-undershot augers at both ends to pull in material to ensure that every last stem of profitable crop is safely baled. The addition of a standard roller windguard helps pre-compress the crop mat before the pickup tine so ensure continuous smooth crop flow from the swath to the baler and prevents crop flow disturbance for uniform bale production.

The BigBaler’s proven pre-compression chamber technology has been further enhanced by the introduction of SmartFill™ flake formation indicators. This system uses a pair of sensors, situated at the entrance to the pre-compression chamber that monitors the flow of crop into the chamber to guarantee square edged bales of uniform side-to-side density. This information is displayed on the IntelliView™ IV in-cab monitor so that the operator can see at a glance if the crop is being evenly fed. If over-filling to one side is occurring, the operator is immediately informed to feed more crop to the left or right by segmented bar graphs combine with colored, large on-screen arrows.

The all-new, heavy-duty gearbox has enabled a 14% increase in the plunger speed for higher throughput into the bale chamber, which means that higher ground speed is now possible. This offers a significant productivity improvement for operations that work in moisture sensitive crops, or for those who bale in areas with unstable weather conditions.

Crop-to-crop flexibility has been engineered by design: the BigBaler guarantees performance in conventional crops, as well as in non-traditional crops such as sugar cane and corn stover, perfect for the growing biomass sector.

In addition to the Standard crop processing system, the BigBaler offers two CropCutter™ systems: the PackerCutter and RotorCutter. The BigBaler 330 with the PackerCutter system cuts silage, hay or straw, with cut lengths as small as 4.5 inches.

The Rotor Cutter system available, on either BigBaler model, offers the widest range of chop lengths to match specific fodder requirements. The Rotor Cutter system is available in two cut length configurations, delivering as small as 1.5 inches on the short cut configuration or 3.01 inches on the medium cut version. The “W-shaped” rotor with paired offset lobes is the same width as the pre-compression chamber, leading to smoother crop flow, increased flake density and capacity.

Optional CropSaver™ and CropID™ systems provide an effective method for preserving high-quality hay and tracking it from field to feed.

For more information, see your local New Holland dealer.

New Holland’s Next Generation BigBaler Features Increased Capacity, Bale Density and Productivity.