In the haymaker’s race against the rain, New Holland’s new ProTed™ rotary tedders provide the edge by fluffing heavy, damp crop and distributing it evenly for faster drydown. With up to 36 feet of working width, the three ProTed tedder models offer best-in-class spreading and fluffing of damp or wet hay for high-capacity haying.

New Holland ProTed 3417 Rotary Tedder

"When crop and weather conditions make drying difficult or when showers threaten, ProTed rotary tedders break up heavy wet material so it dries more quickly," says Mike Cornman, Dairy & Livestock Segment Marketing Manager. "ProTed models provide traditional and commercial haymakers with another tool to help beat the weather and produce the highest-quality hay possible."

The ProTed rotary tedders are available in four-, six-, and eight-rotor configurations to cover even big fields fast to boost haymaking productivity. Durability and reliability is built in every one with a strong new frame design and heavy-duty modular rotor gearboxes. The hydraulic vertical folding with automatic tine height controls allows each ProTed model to move from transport to working position without manual adjustments between fields.

Sized for the traditional haymaker, the ProTed 3417 has a 17′ 1" tedding width for twice the productivity of typical two-rotor models. Driven by a large crown and pinion gear set lubricated by grease, each six-arm rotor handles even the largest windrows or widest swaths effectively.

ProTed 3625 and ProTed 3836 models are designed for larger acreages and commercial producers and boast an impressive 24′ 11" and 36′ 1" tedding width respectively. Both feature permanently lubricated oil bath rotor gearboxes for reduced maintenance.The integrated transport chassis on these models have large diameter road tires for more stability when transporting, offer adjustable wheel columns that provide three rotor angle adjustments for more uniform spreading, as well as standard border tedding to help producers keep more of their valuable forage crops.

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ProTed 3417

ProTed 3625

ProTed 3836

Tedding width


24′ 11"

36′ 1"

Number of rotors




Tines per rotor




Tractor requirement

20 hp (540 rpm)

50 hp (540 rpm)

60 hp (540 rpm)