Specializing in the production of round and square bale wrappers, McHale has developed a wide range of agricultural machinery to address one of the most common aspects of farming.  Decades of experience have led to its manufacturing leadership role, highlighted by the introduction of the McHale Fusion 3 Integrated Baler. 

The wrapper consists of an 18-roller fixed-chamber baler and integrated vertical wrapping ring.  With increased demand from farmers and contractors to reduce operating costs, the Fusion 3 combines two traditionally separate jobs, baling and bale wrapping, into one single operation, performed by one man and one machine. 

McHale has delivered balers and bale wrappers to more than 40 countries around the globe from its Ireland headquarters.  Each custom-built piece of equipment is developed and tested to meet the end users’ exact requirements.  Final products are put through a rigorous testing process, including actual farming conditions in countries with high-end users and volume, such as Ireland, England, Scotland, Scandinavia and New Zealand.

McHale’s inventory of balers and wrappers also includes fixed-chamber round balers, variable-chamber round balers, round bale wrappers, square bale wrappers, handling equipment, straw blowers and bale feeders.

“McHale takes great pride in ensuring every product meets their customers’ highest standards, from production and delivery, to operational efficiency and durability working out in the fields,” stated Doug Edney, Edney Distributing, distributor for McHale in the United States.  “Working along side McHale, we have developed a great relationship between the end users and clients themselves, to increase efficiency on the farm, utilizing the finest in calibrated bale wrapping technology.”