Farmer Boy AG is excited to announce the launch of the I-plus3 Control Pan by Cumberland. It utilizes three infrared beams to detect feed levels, which allows for accurate and reliable operation of the feeding system. When the I-plus3 Control Pan fills with feed and breaks all three sensor beams, the auger stops automatically. When feed drops below the sensor beams, the auger will restart after a 60-second delay.

Infrared technology requires no moving parts or sensitivity adjustments, making the I-plus3 Control Pan a low maintenance alternative to traditional control pan designs. It also includes a built-in power supply for the optional Hi-Lo Control Pan LED Light. The light stimulates bird activity to the feed line control pan and provides 360º of light coverage as well as substantial energy savings per year. The I-plus3 end control pans and center house control pans are available in E-feeder and Hi-Lo VIII models.

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For more information on the I-plus3 Control Pan, contact the Farmer Boy AG Sales Department at 800-845-3374.