Combine Product Specialist Corwyn Lepp tells us what you can look forward to in the new cab on the Case IH Axial-Flow® combines, which are available in 2013.


If you haven’t heard, the Case IH Axial-Flow combines are getting a cab facelift in 2013. We previewed the new cab at the fall farm shows, including Husker Harvest Days, Big Iron and Farm Progress Show, so some people have already seen the updated cab.

IMG 30374 82×90 2013 Axial Flow Combine Cab Gets a Facelift
I recently had the opportunity to run some of our “NEW CAB” preproduction units in the field. The cab will be available on all six models of Axial-Flow combines. You are going to like this new cab! It has more legroom and even foot pegs to rest your legs in different positions during the day. The new control layout has a nice feel to it, along with the new propulsion handle controls. All the headliner controls and the radio have been regrouped on the right-hand side. This leaves room on the left-hand headliner side for a cooling/warming compartment (so when the air conditioner is running, cold air can enter the compartment and cool your drinks!).

There are a number of options from which to choose, such as:

  • The luxury cab, which has a lot of nice storage space
  • A portable refrigerator
  • Seats available with cloth or leather, including a semi-active leather seat. You can also opt for a number of “in-cab” residue-control functions
  • Folding unload augers and a pivoting unload spout, which are options on the “230” Series (I don’t always drive perfectly up to the truck or grain cart, so the pivoting spout allowed me to change the throw of the grain by up to 3 feet).

With one of the largest and quietest cabs among the foremost combine manufacturers, the Axial-Flow combine cab gives you industry-leading glass and unsurpassed sight lines so you can keep an eye on the entire header. With its ergonomic and intuitive design, you get maximized comfort and productivity. Climb up and enjoy – this is what leadership looks like. I encourage you to see your Case IH dealer to get more information on the new cab models!

Editor’s Note: Corwyn Lepp, Case IH Combine Product Specialist, has worked for Case IH for 28 years. In his spare time, he provides harvesting tips, setting advice and some homegrown videos on His territory includes South Dakota, western Iowa and western Minnesota, where the primary crops are corn and soybeans.