The 20 Cab series tractor takes the R series heavyweight design and adds a hard cab for the operator’s convenience.  The cab is fully enclosed with heat and air conditioning.

These cabs provide shelter from all weather conditions.  Whether it be cold and snow, wind and rain or relief from heat and humidity, these cabs make using these tractors comfortable.

For comfort while operating your tractor, purchase a Branson Tractor with a cab. The 4520C and 5220C tractors are designed with a modern look.

• The hood/bonnet has a design with an attractive front with rounded headlights
• The hood latch is conveniently located in the front center.
• No more prop sticks to hold up the hood.  These tractors feature suspension support spring shocks for ease in raising the hood.

These tractors also have several user friendly features, such as:
• Easy access to pumps and hoses.
• Bracket installed for easy access to the radiator screen for cleaning
• The control valve is repositioned to the upper side of the fender.
• Gear lever has been shorten to make operator’s platform more accessible
• Parking brake is moved to the side of the seat.

True to form, Branson has kept its tradition of keeping the sheet metal steel, adding valuable weight to the tractor for maximum productivity.

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