The classic saying that necessity is the mother of invention has been proven true once again. Just what is the most onerous task when putting in fence? Most folks would agree that digging postholes wins hands-down. But you can’t have a fence without posts, or can you?

Dennis Arden of Claremore, Oklahoma, took it upon himself to answer that challenge. He had spent many years digging postholes around his own ranch and for others. If fencing needed to be done, friends would call him. If he had a dime for every posthole he dug, he would be a wealthy man.

According to Arden, fencing was a hobby, something he liked doing. Except for one thing, digging post holes was, well, definitely not something he enjoyed. The more he dug, the more he knew there had to be a better way.

Then one day, he had a heart attack while digging a post hole. He now had his mandate, he needed to design a fence that did not require digging postholes. It became his passion to build a reliable fence, capable of working in many different situations, and easy to maintain.

Recollecting different fencing systems, he kept coming back to the Colorado Split Rail fence. Made of wood, old timers would piece the fence together, stacking the ends, zig-zagging the log fence so that it stood.

Arden took that idea, modernized the design utilizing today’s material he has revolutionized how fencing can be done. He spent six years perfecting it and getting the patent. ArdenX has been on the market for two and half years.

Arden X’s freestanding fencing is completely USA designed, made in the USA of USA 3/16 inch square carbon steel tube. Designed to be maintenance free with an estimated life of forty plus years.

The rugged, steel X post, has a solid horizontal bar in the X that gives the fence stability. Any type of wire, mesh or fencing panel material works in the framework-barbed wire, electric wire, netting, wood, vinyl, panels, any fencing material.

Baird Lobree, President of ArdenX said Mr. Arden’s passion to get it right has put a common-sense fence on the market that has limitless possibilities and will work in the most challenging terrain.

"ArdenX has adjustable feet," said Lobree. "The fact that is self-leveling  is a huge benefit. It works on hilly,
sloped, and ungraded land, in river beds." Vertical and swivel horizontal adjustments can be made at each side of X-post.

"ArdenX’s strength is due to physics. Remember how in school they taught you that gravity was the strongest force on earth, said Lobree. A bull can run into it, the fence does not give."

The combination of gravity plus the ArdenX legs, the self-leveling and articulating section design, weight and physical properties of the carbon steel make it strong. It is not possible to pick-up any single section of the fence once the bolts and wires are strung and tightened as it becomes one super-strong, un-movable unit.

Adjustable it works for any livestock. Agricultural heights adjust from four to eight feet, simply by adjusting the feet. ArdenX also manufactures fencing for the military and industrial industries.

The fact no postholes are needed saves first on initial labor cost. Installation goes fairly quickly. Two men can put it up, but three men make a better team. Lobree likens it to the Erector sets or Legos everyone had when a child, just snap it together.

"All is prewelded, set feet in, tighten up torque screws, bolt it together," said Lobree. "And just keep going."

The no post hole concept eliminates issues with underground water, electric, gas utilities, easements and right-of-ways. Because it sits on top of the ground it is not considered permanent property but chattel, or movable property. It is one thing you can take with you if you relocate to a new farm or ranch.

ArdenX fence is completely portable. If traveling with horses, it is ideal for setting up a safe, secure temporary corral.
Overall design gives a visual perception that it is deeper and wider which deters deer. The fencing works for long, continuous fencing but also in small area situations such as around a well, or garden.

ArdenX is also ideal for mounting crop monitoring stations. Lobree recommends MEMSIC. A leading provider of MEMS sensor components for diverse world applications, ranging from agriculture, automotive, consumer, industrial and aerospace.

For agriculture, Lobree says the complete mesh network wireless system is ideal for precision agriculture, smart water grids, and microlimate weather conditions. Solar powered the eKo Pro Series will work in the remotest of locations, without cellular or satellite fee charges.

Essentially it is the farm’s very own weather station, described Lobree. Sensors record wind direction, ambient temperature and humidity, evapotranspiration, moisture levels in the soil and rainfall at the particular site. Alarms will sound and messages are delivered when certain triggers are reached.

"With farmers owning land spread out in several locations, this system is right for them," said Lobree. "He no longer needs to get in the pickup truck to have a look at crop conditions. He can check current conditions and historical data from his computer or cellular phone anywhere, anytime. Even while on a Caribbean cruise. Farmers finally ought to be able to get some sleep."

Managing crops in real time, using ArdenX and MEMSIC eKo Pro Series systems will allow farmers to be more efficient, more attuned to current conditions, and be able to swiftly relocate when and where needed.

Contact ArdenX at 786-236-6249; on the web at (US Patent No. 7753346)