Versatile unveiled a new line of front-wheel assist rowcrop tractors at the National Farm Machinery Show and at the World Ag Expo. This new tractor represents a significant milestone in Versatile tractors, now featuring one of the largest cabs in the industry, a considerable increase in wheelbase and size and the culmination of years of research and development.

The styling of the new tractor is a radical departure from the existing Versatile front-wheel assist. A sloped hood offers excellent visibility and features cues from the new Versatile design first introduced on the line of four-wheel drives. An increased grille area allows for better air flow with reduced maintenance and cleaning requirements. Combined with a longer wheelbase, this new design allows for tight turns, even with 30” row spacing.

First introduced on the four-wheel drive, the new cab offers unparalleled operator space and comfort. The door swings wide for easy entry and egress. The adjustable armrest features fingertip controls for ergonomic comfort and a 7” high resolution display for electrohydraulics and the tractor performance monitor. Multi-power sources are available including 110 volt AC and 5 volt USB ports.

The new Versatile front-wheel assist row crop tractor is available in 260, 290 and 310 horsepower. That power is provided by a Cummins QSL 9.0L that features interim Tier 4 technology. This iT4 solution uses the EGR / DPF combination and does not require additional fluids such as urea, saving time and money. The QSL also features the Cummins Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) for sharp response in the field, virtually without turbo lag and offers a torque rise of more than 40%, one of the best in the class. A reversing fan system is available that works as needed, providing quiet operation and fuel savings. The fan reverses approximately every 20 minutes to blow out the grille, reducing maintenance.

The transmission is a 16F x 9R full powershift transmission with push-button controls. Designed to work with the power bulge and torque curves of the Cummins engine, this transmission offers durability and smooth shifts in the field. Fuel capacity has been increased to 170 gallons.

Versatile tractors are known for their ease of service. The majority of engine servicing can be done without lifting the hood. A sight bottle for engine coolant and sight glass for rear axle oil and fuel tank levels makes it easy to perform daily maintenance.