AcuRite, a leader in personal weather reporting instruments released its Acu-Link platform for remote monitoring of environmental conditions last November. Redefining how consumers stay connected with the places and things they care about, Acu-Link enables users to observe indoor and outdoor elements including temperature, humidity, wind, rainfall, water temperature, atmospheric pressure, the weather forecast and more. The Acu-Link platform records data using precision sensors positioned in your local environment, and then transmits your sensor’s data over the internet, where it can be viewed from a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet and tabletop display.

Acu-Link data can be monitored privately, shared with family and neighbors, or be reported to online weather communities. The Acu-Link online portal and app feature a customizable dashboard and intuitive user interface, designed for easy trend observation, graphic charting, and historical data storage. Get notified of changing conditions by email or text message using Acu-Link’s programmable alerts, which can be triggered by events like excessive rainfall, oncoming storms, frost warning, high wind speed and more. Acu-Link is accessible at, and can be downloaded as a free app for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.

How it works
The Acu-Link platform sets up easily and in minutes. 

Acu-Link compatible sensors can be positioned outdoors or indoors in the location(s) you’d like to monitor conditions.

Once positioned, the sensor(s) wirelessly transmit data to the Acu-Link Internet Bridge.

The Acu-Link Internet Bridge plugs into your Internet router and reports your sensor data to “the cloud”, or Acu-Link servers.

Access Acu-Link from a mobile device by downloading the free app from the iPhone App Store or Google Play store.
Acu-Link can be accessed on a PC, laptop or tablet with a web browser by visiting
The Acu-Link internet bridge can receive data for up to 3 AcuRite sensors simultaneously. A variety of Acu-Link compatible sensors are available, all featuring a 330 ft. wireless range, durable weather-resistant construction and strong signal penetration for transmission through walls and long distances. AcuRite’s proprietary 5-in-1 sensor incorporates 5 features into one sensor, including temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction.

Acu-Link is positioned to be the largest knowledge network ever established using personal weather station sensors.

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