Massey Ferguson® introduces the Farmer DM Series mowers, offering farmers and ranchers the smooth-cutting, low maintenance and reliability they have become accustomed to from Massey Ferguson disc mowers.
No matter what size tractor you operate or how challenging your terrain, one of the economical Massey Ferguson Farmer DM Series mowers can handle the job. This Series includes four new models (DM1305, DM1306, DM1308 and DM1309) to match a wide range of horsepower requirements.

Distinct design advantages
Farmer DM Series mowers are available in widths from 5 1/2 to 9 feet. With discs spinning at 3,000 rpm, they deliver a clean cut at a faster pace than a sickle-bar mower. Their extremely flat, low-profile spur gear design achieves a clean cut even on difficult, rolling terrain. This design also helps ensure high forage flow without material buildup, for fluffy swaths and high-quality forage.

“We’ve designed these new disc mowers to give farmers and ranchers an advantage in speed, efficiency and durability,” says Massey Ferguson’s Dean Morrell, product marketing manager, Hay and Forage. “Regardless of your hay operation’s size or the horsepower you have in the shed, the Farmer DM Series will provide the performance and reliability you need.”  

Deliberately tough
Rocks and uneven terrain are less likely to cause damage to Farmer DM Series mowers because these mowers are deliberately designed tough to take on the realities of hay production.

The cutterbar is equipped with a roll/shear pin for every disc. The shear pin is positioned to break outside of the cutterbed, preventing internal damage and eliminating contamination of the oil bath. A spring-loaded anti-collision breakaway system allows the entire mower to pivot backwards if the mower comes in contact with an object protruding from the ground, so the operator has time to stop the tractor before serious damage can occur.

To learn more about the Massey Ferguson Farmer DM Series mowers and which one will fit your operation, contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer or visit


No matter the size of the tractor or how challenging the terrain, one of the four economical new Massey Ferguson Farmer DM Series disc mowers can handle the job. They offer an exact cut plus high forage flow for fluffy swaths and high-quality forage.