Intelligent Agricultural Solutions (IAS) is pleased to announce several software updates and improvements to its groundbreaking Wireless Blockage Monitor system.

The Wireless Blockage Monitor system is an innovative acoustic-based seed monitoring system for air seeding implements. Launched in 2011, the system monitors every opener on the implement and uses the popular Apple iPad to instantly display blockages anywhere on the tool. The system has been well received by forward-looking farmers and is now in use across the US, Canada and Australia.

The most compelling improvement is the system’s new flow monitoring feature, which displays total flow levels and flow variance from manifold to manifold. This powerful feature delivers a more complete view of how the implement is performing and will arm farmers with the data they need to more effectively tune and balance their equipment for maximum performance and efficiency.

IAS has also designed and implemented new low flow rate algorithms for improved system performance in applications such as planting sunflowers, canola and flax. These algorithms make the Wireless Blockage Monitor even more versatile for farmers planting a wide range of crops.

Additionally, IAS has improved support for customers running multiple systems in the same field.

“This release of updates and improvements continues to move the Wireless Blockage Monitor forward,” said Bobby Volesky, IAS product manager.

“We’re already leading the industry technologically, and continuing to innovate with features like flow monitoring across the implement shows our dedication to our customers and to ensuring that the system remains cutting-edge far into the future.”

The new functionality will be released as an update to the Wireless Blockage Monitor application on the Apple App Store at the beginning of April.

For more information, contact Bobby Volesky at 701-356-9222; mobile, 701-630-4117; or email [email protected].