MICO, Incorporated introduces a trailer brake Load-Apportioning-Valve (LAV) for use with MICO MOBEUS EH brake systems on Agriculture and other Off-Highway vehicles and trailers.  The new LAV proportions trailer brake pressure utilizing a tow vehicle’s hydraulic brake signal in conjunction with real-time trailer load sensing to continuously control pressure-reduction braking to the trailer brakes without utilization of tank-pressure.  The result is load sensitive trailer braking that reduces the occurrence of trailer wheel lock-up or skidding.

Trailer load is sensed by the load apportioning valve and the output pressure from the valve modifies output trailer brake pressure in accordance with the current weight of the trailer load. As trailer-load is increased or decreased, the trailer brake pressure is changed proportionally. Lighter loads induce lower trailer brake pressures whereas higher loads result in higher trailer brake pressures.  

MICO MOBEUS LAV provides several benefits for the end user, including:

  • Significant reduction in trailer wheel lock-up and skidding
  • Compatible with MICO MOBEUS ABS systems and associated circuitry, as well as other MICO braking components and systems.
  • Meets EU trailer safety requirements
  • Fits with a variety of mounting configurations
  • Vehicle brake pressure is used directly as the input to the LAV
  • Wide temperature operating range of -40 ºC to +80 ºC
  • Cost-effective system with simple installation and no tank port necessary

MICO MOBEUS EH systems are designed to provide state-of-the-art vehicular braking control of Off-Highway and Agricultural vehicles and trailers.

For more information contact MICO Strategic Product Manager, Doug Lamoureux, at [email protected].

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