Larson Electronics has announced the release of a powerful new remote control Golight spotlight fitted with an LED lamp assembly for even greater reliability and beam quality. The GL-30004 LED Golight Stryker is a weatherproof and fully remote control spotlight that produces a 2,500 lumen light beam capable of illuminating objects over 900 feet away, and with an upgraded LED lamp assembly offers far greater durability and lamp longevity than standard halogen spotlights.

The GL-30004 LED Golight Stryker from Larson Electronics takes the power and reliability of high quality Golight spotlights to the next level with the addition of a powerful LED lamp assembly in place of the standard halogen lamp. This compact yet high output spotlight features LED technology, full remote control operation, weatherproof construction, and the ability to connect directly to standard 12 volt electrical systems.

While standard Golights typically utilize a halogen bulb for a good compromise between power, value, and easy servicing, this unit has been upgraded with an advanced LED lamp assembly that greatly increases the quality and performance of the light beam. Rather than the yellowish beam produced by a halogen bulb, this LED spotlight produces an extremely bright white beam, giving it much better intensity and color reproducing qualities, especially at long distances. At 900 feet, you could read a book by this beam.

Additionally, whereas a typical halogen bulb might last for 500 to 1,000 hours, the LED assembly in this spotlight will last in excess of 50,000 hours, greatly improving reliability and allowing the light to operate for several years before requiring lamp replacement. This spotlight also features remote control operation with a handheld controller that allows the user switch the light on and off and to move the light through 370 degree of rotation and 135 degrees of tilt from up to 100 feet away. The spotlight is designed to be permanently mounted and has a detachable mounting plate which has been predrilled for easy installation, allowing users to permanently mount the plate and attach and remove the light as needed. 

The GL-30004 takes the power and reliability of the Golight Stryker and adds performance and reliability of LED lighting technology, making it an ideal lighting solution for everything from emergency service applications to recreational hunting use.

“These new LED models have a lower amp draw, longer lamp life, and are more durable than halogen models, making them ideal for boating, hurting, and off-road use,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics. “With high vibration resistance, wireless controls and small form factor, the GL-30004 remote control LED light enables operators to position the light where they need it in order to complete a task.”

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