The newly introduced Harleman 9-3B Vibratory Drill offers 300-percent faster drilling time.

The New Harleman 9-3B Vibratory Drill continues the long-standing excellence customers have come to expect form Harleman Manufacturing. With a drilling speed increase of up to 300 percent, the 9-3B Vibratory Drill allows farmers to punch through rock efficiently. The 9-3B mounts directly to a skid steer for ease of use.

Popular with utility companies, Harleman Manufacturing’s Vibratory Drills can drill into solid rock where other brands fail. The newly released 9-3B model uses a constant vibration combined with one of the company’s patented heavy duty augers to deliver even greater drilling speed and efficiency than previous models.

As skid steer vibratory drills, Harleman Manufacturing’s drills out-perform track and truck mounted drills, especially in places where overhead space is limited. For ranches and farms in rocky areas, the 9-3B Vibratory Drill provides an effective solution for cutting through that rock to dig post holes, run electrical lines or fit irrigation pipes.

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