Mike Callicrate, creator of the Callicrate Bander for older bulls, has collaborated with Roy Harbach to introduce the ‘WEE’ Bander. This new product allows the same technology and low-pain castration method in the Callicrate Bander to be used on young animals.

Callicrate has introduced the ‘WEE’ Bander in response to a growing demand for an effective, yet pain-free castration method for young animals. While he prefers castrating older animals using the Callicrate Bander, he concedes that many ranchers prefer early castration.

"Today ranchers still castrate early using elastrator bands," Callicrate says. "One of the most stressful things you can do to an animal is the use of elastrator rings. They simply don’t get tight enough. The animal swells into it." The new ‘WEE’ Bander solves this problem.

The new product is designed for animals from birth through three weeks of age, and is simple to use. The ‘WEE’ Bander completely shuts off the blood supply, and thus the pain response, eliminating stress for the animal. "It’s for those producers who want to castrate early," stated Callicrate. "As long as it fits through the triangular loop opening, it’s the right size."

For more information call 1-800-858-5974 or visit www.CallicrateBanders.com.