Water is a way of life on the dairy and dry feet are essential for a productive, happy workforce. Until now, a wardrobe malfunction could cause a worker to endure wet feet all day, the makings for a long, miserable workday. Vettec Inc. has introduced SG-20, an adhesive material that can fix boots, raingear, milking aprons, coveralls and other outdoor gear within one hour, getting dairymen back in with the herd quickly and comfortably. SG-20 is now on sale at www.SG-20.com and other select retailers.

“SG-20 is a high-tech adhesive that is as sturdy as it is fast. Other repair adhesives require a full 24 hours to completely set and dry. SG-20 sets and dries within one hour making it the fastest and most effective repair adhesive for outdoor gear available,” said Frank Rovelli, General Manager of Vettec, Inc., the maker of SG-20. “With today’s tighter margins it’s critical to maintain equipment and avoid new purchases until absolutely necessary. Why buy a new pair of boots when you can fix them permanently for a fraction of the cost of a new pair?”

SG-20 is made of a propriety blend of two-part poly-urethane adhesive material that adheres to dry neoprene, poly-urethane, and canvas making it ideal for repairing many different styles of Muck Boots™, frog toggs®, Xtra Tuff boots and foul weather gear. Damaged gear can be fixed quickly simply by cleaning and drying the damaged material and applying SG-20.