Approximately 40 percent of all pump rebuilds are due to cavitation damage. The recently introduced IC Pump Station helps eliminate this damage through innovative water pump control.

With cavitation leading to nearly half of all pump failures, it is a significant concern for the modern farmer. With the release of P2Flow’s new Model 30 IC Pump Station in August of 2013, these failures can now be stopped.

According to a company spokesperson, "The IC Pump Station detects leaky intake piping, plugged filters and other obstructions and slows down the motor when these problems are present. This reduction in rate of flow ends cavitation and preserves the life of the pump."

The innovative IC Pump Station uses a variable frequency drive that learns the pump’s normal operation, storing that information in a complex database. Then, once the user turns off the learn mode, the station controls the rate of flow using the information stored in its VFD database. When a significant variance occurs, the new Model 30 IC Pump Station slows the pressure and flow on the pump, thus ending cavitation.

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