For farmers who have to deal with rock issues, Rock Breakers, Inc., (RBI) has a new product to help, the RBI Hydraulic Breaker.

This newly released product has all of the features users have come to expect from the RBI brand, including interchangeability between machines and easy-to-maintain designs. The new breaker joins the extensive list of Huskie Hydraulic Hammer breakers already offered by RBI.
When asked why the company decided to design its own hydraulic hammer, Jose Torres, president of RBI, said, "When IPC Industries, the distributor of the popular Huskie Hydraulic Hammer, announced it was going out of business, I purchased all rights and assets of the company. We have the original Huskie Hammer factory drawings, and we have picked up where they left off. The new RBI Hydraulic Breaker is simply the end result of that."
In addition to the new hydraulic breaker, RBI stocks the largest inventory of Huskie parts in the nation, and 95 percent of their inventory can ship the same day. They’ve also reproduced the popular HH500-2 model as a US-made product. For those who already own breakers, RBI offers a Rebuild Program, which involves a complete teardown and inspection of the breaker along with a written estimate of the necessary repairs.
For more information visit or call 630-701-0172.