Provides Greater Traction and Improved Track Maintenance.

Lindsay Corporation, maker of Zimmatic irrigation systems, announces NFTrax, a new airless wheel assembly with greater traction and improved track maintenance.
NFTrax is an airless design that will never go flat and keeps wheel ruts to a minimum, according to Tanner Hoffman, Zimmatic by Lindsay product manager.
“With NFTrax, there are no punctures, no air pressure to check, no bad sidewalls, less rutting, and longer overall wheel life,” Hoffman says.
The wheel’s steel core vulcanized rubber track is tensioned over 10 drive points. In contrast, standard pneumatic and solid tires apply greater pressure to the middle of the track base as they roll, generating a deeper trough for runoff. According to Hoffman, NFTrax applies more even pressure across the entire belt surface, forming a flatter, shallower imprint.
“Solid tire alternatives may provide ‘no flat’ performance but have limited flexibility, forming deeper ruts and creating more stress on the irrigation machine’s driveline,” Hoffman says. “NFTrax adapts to terrain and field conditions without getting stuck or putting undue stress on the machine. Our tests show NFTrax’s wheel track depth can be 30-50 percent less than that of standard tires in similar operating conditions.”
“NFTtrax is a home run deal,” says Sammy Stahl, irrigation manager at Stahl Farms in Moses Lake, Washington, who has been using NFTrax on his Zimmatic pivot. “Not having to check for flat tires is a major breakthrough because there is so much less downtime.”
Lindsay, Nebraska, grower David Fowlkes also has been using the new airless wheel assembly.
“NFTrax is better on my alfalfa plants compared to traditional tires,” Fowlkes says. “It has more area on the ground and doesn’t push out as much soil to create a sidewall.”
For more information, visit or talk to your local Zimmatic dealer.