Developed to combat the rigorous filtration needs of the military vehicles operating in harsh, particulate-heavy desert environments, the newly released Extended Performance Air Cleaner™ (EPAC) is a powerful self-cleaning engine air intake system.  Created by the Greenlees Division of turbo Filtration, the EPAC System provides superior air filtration for heavy equipment operating in the extreme environments of the agricultural, construction, military and other demanding on and off-road industries.
When tested to U.S. Military Specification PRF-46736, the EPAC System exceeded 99.99 percent dust removal efficiency. This level of performance makes it  the right choice for original equipment manufacturers of wheel loaders, excavators and other similar machinery. Turbo Filtration’s EPAC System, which is also available for retrofits, helps increase efficiency at even the most challenging levels.
"The EPAC System is proven to operate for months in extremely harsh environments without showing any significant increase in total system resistance," said Tracy Long, Turbo Filtration’s director of business development. "That optimizes not only engine operation and decreases downtime from dirty filters, but it also boosts fuel economy, which is essential in locations where transporting gas is difficult."
Designed to extend the service life of the engine’s intake filter, the EPAC System features cyclical microbursts of compressed air, which is injected into the clean side of the engine air filter. This pressurizes the inside of the air filter and blows out the dust from the dirty side through vents, keeping the intake restriction low and maintaining optimized engine performance. These cleaning cycles are automatically adjusted for duration and frequency depending on the needs of the application.
"Another distinctive feature of the EPAC System is its propriety, ultra-high-efficiency filter, which is made with fibers smaller than 1 micron, allowing dirt to cake so it can be easily removed," Long said. "And because the system is automatically cleaning the filter while the machine is running, maintenance costs are also reduced."
The EPAC System comes complete with a self-cleaning air cleaner, an electrically operated air compressor and all components needed for retrofit installations. For machinery already equipped with an on-board compressor and air source, the EPAC System can be configured through turbo Filtration’s proprietary controller logic for a coordinated operation.
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