ProAG, the Hay Products Division of Morris Industries recently announced the introduction of the new ProAG Bale Hiker™, a round bale handling machine built to meet the demands of today’s diversified agricultural industry.

Built for durability and efficiency in handling heavy round bales, the ProAG Bale Hiker is engineered to increase productivity in the field, which directly affects the farmer’s bottom line.

“Operators are running equipment at increased speeds and picking bales faster due to higher HP tractors,” says Lisa Gaskin, ProAG-Morris Marketing and Sales Manager in Billings, MT. “The Bale Hiker matches this challenge and the operator’s need to quickly and safely handle round bales, which, in turn, maximizes profitability.”

The ProAG Bale Hiker is engineered to work efficiently with all round bale material in the majority of applications. “The farmer doesn’t need to own various pieces of equipment. Whether you’re picking bales consisting of cornstalks, beanstalks, pea stalks, hay, alfalfa, straw or high moisture, the ProAG Bale Hiker will stand up to the workload,” says Gaskin.

The ProAG Bale Hiker’s rugged durability has been successfully put to the test moving tough cornstalk bales destined for ethanol plants and feedlots. Corn fields, notorious for rougher ground, can reduce bale handling efficiency to a crawl. “The ProAG Bale Hiker’s walking axle makes the difference,” Gaskin says. “The walking axle gives it the ability to run on rough ground with ease. Basically, the operator can count on reliability and ease of operation in any round bale application.”  

The bale is picked up on the right side of the pulling unit. The loading arm, with a built-in bale turner, gives the operator the ability to go into the bale at almost any direction and turn the bale prior to picking and lifting it to load onto the Hiker.

The ProAG Bale Hiker runs off two hydraulic tractor remotes with minimum technical demands. This rugged and durable machine has a dual walking axle, with a push bar on both sides so the operator can unload a single side of bales at one time or both sides together.

“You’re always on the go without having to stop, which improves efficiency,” says Gaskin. “With flow and ease of operation, the operator can pick a large amount of bales in a short period of time.”

The ProAG Bale Hiker turns round bale loading, transporting, and unloading into a fast, easy, one-person operation saving time, money and labor.

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The new ProAG Bale Hiker™.