Flexible, versatile, and discreet, the Bird-Zap Shock Track from Nixalite of America offers complete coverage for any level of bird pressure.  

When touched, the Bird-Zap delivers a short burst of electricity, shocking intruding birds with enough power to create a memorable discomfort without harming them in any way.  The birds then learn to associate any area with the shock track installed as a “no-land zone.”

Made of flexible, UV resistant PVC, these strips will fit the contour of nearly any infested area.  Attaching easily to most surfaces, this low-profile bird deterrent is perfect for protecting signs, roof peaks, ledges, and many other hard to protect areas.

Nixalite has been providing effective and humane bird and wildlife control products for facility management around the world since 1950. 

For more information, or to get a free catalog call 800-624-1189 or visit  www.nixalite.com/birdzapshocktrack.aspx.