Art’s Way Manufacturing has announced improvements to its grinder with the addition of the 6530 Grinder Mixer to their Grinder Mixer line. The improvements to the 6530 model will improve livestock growth potential by providing uniform, consistent quality feed.

The 6530 Grinder Mixer provides greater control with an adjustable and reversible lower wear plate on the hammer mill. This allows optimum spacing for consistent and efficient grinding of feed ingredients according to the farmer’s desired ration mix.

The discharge gate opening also saw a redesign with the 6530 Grinder Mixer. The 12-inch stroke actuator has a straight guillotine type opening that opens 30 percent wider than the previously used pivot gate. This means feed is discharged faster.

The 6530 Grinder Mixer boasts a longer discharge auger as well, so it will easily reach over 20 foot bins. Finally, a larger diameter on the unload system increases the discharge rate significantly. All of these improvements combine to reduce labor time and costs for the farming operation.

Yet the primary benefit is not reduced costs, although that is valuable. According to a company spokesperson, the primary benefit is in the potential to see stock grow faster and more consistently. "When animals receive a consistent mix of feed quickly, they see better growth," he said.

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