AgJunction, a provider of innovative hardware and software solutions for precision agriculture, recently announced a series of software enhancements for its flagship terminal, the Outback MAX.
"Our latest MAX software improves machine to cloud connectivity by synchronizing client, farm, field, boundaries, field markers, guidance lines and product data directly between the terminal and AgJunction Cloud Services," said John Lueger, Director of Product Management at AgJunction.
In addition to wireless connectivity, in-cab data management, and an easy-to-navigate control interface, this year’s Outback MAX integrated display terminal adds ISOBUS virtual terminal capability for common implement ECUs, enabling a broader range of implement communication and control.
"We continue to see growing interest among producers and ag-service providers for compatibility with different brands of implements," added Mr. Lueger. "Providing ISO virtual terminal capability with Outback MAX is important for enabling compatibility."
MAX owners are able to utilize ISO virtual terminal capability after simply downloading the software from the web, and requesting an authorization code from Outback customer support.
Also new for fall 2013 is an enhanced variable rate control feature for dry fertilizer applications. Coupled with the Outback AC110 controller, users can benefit from the advanced mapping engine in the MAX terminal to stack imagery and data layers to visually confirm and log field work.  
Application kits from AgJunction work with most existing spreader boxes on the market.
The Company is also releasing several new features to its eDriveX™ Autosteer System including compatibility with John Deere® R-Series tractors, automated eTurn recognition of field boundaries and headlands, advanced autosteer engagement options, and the ability to generate A-B contour guidance lines.
Capable of centimeter-level control and automatic turning at the end of each row, eDriveX users benefit from high accuracy and reduced driver fatigue across multiple field applications.  
Existing eDriveX users can upgrade capabilities without having to buy and install a completely new system. GNSS options include RTK, OmniSTAR®, SBAS, and eDif.
Outback MAX is available now through Outback Guidance Centers and through AgJunction distributors worldwide. Outback Guidance Centers have received MAX certified training to assist growers with Outback Guidance precision solutions.  
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