The unique double disk design of the new Cfx fertilizer opener by Dawn Equipment offers a hybrid of performance previously isolated to either single disk or double disk configurations. The best qualities of each option are combined in the Dawn Cfx.
While both disks are supported from one side by a concentric roller bearing arrangement, only the primary disk is angled to open a furrow. The smaller secondary disk runs in the direction of travel and acts to hold the furrow open. A gauge/wiper wheel is located on the primary disk for basic operation. Fertilizer is applied in the space between the disks, eliminating the need for a fertilizer boot which can plug and cause problems, especially in conventionally tilled ground. Because the smaller blade follows the larger blade’s bevel, an aggressive cutting action can also be achieved for no-till conditions, accurately placing fertilizers at the bottom of the furrow where they belong – without spillage.

The company says the Cfx is the first fertilizer opener to incorporate hydraulic down pressure. They have also developed a revolutionary electronic ground-hardness sensor that mounts directly to the Cfx, adding real-time control of your fertilizer opener as well as the Dawn Gfx row cleaners and Dawn Rfx hydraulic planter row unit down pressure. These features combine to accurately match your fertilizer and seed depth placement across a wide variety of changing field conditions.

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