Enviropac, Inc., has announced the addition of a new model of their Dry Seed Treater to their line of seed treaters. The new treater, an Auger Mount model, is more convenient and easier to use. The improved loading height on the new seed treater makes it a favorite among agricultural operations.
Properly treating seeds in a farming operation is crucial to maximizing yield and minimizing problems from pests and fungus. Yet ensuring that seeds are properly treated can be a challenge. Too much of certain treatments can damage the seed, while too little is ineffective. Seed treaters, like the new one released by Enviropac, Inc., help solve this problem. These treaters mix seed directly on the planter.
The new Auger Mount solves makes using the seed treater even easier than it was in the past. Because of the way the auger inclines and rotates, it can provide any seed treater location on the seed tender. The unique design on the new model from Enviropac, Inc., keeps the treater in a vertical position when unloading, even while delivering the seed treatment.
The new Auger Mount joins the company’s existing Direct Mount model. Both are able to dispense pure talc, an 80/20 talc/graphite mix or inoculates into the seed directly on the planter. An adjustable slide gate on both models helps match the flow of seed as it flows through the seed tender conveyor. The seed treaters offered by Enviropac, Inc., can handle both liquid and dry products.
Enviropac, Inc., also offers a complete line of storage tanks and containment systems to complement its seed treaters.
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Enviropac’s new 2014 Auger Mount mounts on all seed tenders.