Lite It Wireless has announced the introduction of a new product, their Wireless Agricultural Tow Lights.

These lights are designed to add safety on the road by providing lighting to slow-moving agricultural equipment, while helping farming and agricultural operations save money.

When lighting conditions are not at an optimum level, agricultural equipment that is out on the road is challenging to see. This can lead to accidents and serious injury when unsuspecting vehicles come in contact with that equipment. The Wireless Agricultural Tow Lights from Lite It Wireless are designed to lower this risk.

In the past, agricultural organizations had to rely on lights that ran via wires on the equipment. Each piece of equipment required multiple sets of implement safety lights wired directly on the vehicle or piece of equipment. This was costly, as each individual unit had to have its own lights, regardless of how frequently or infrequently they went on the road.

Wireless Agricultural Tow Lights do not have to be wired on the vehicle. They use strong 120-lb pull magnets to attach to any steel surface. The kit comes with two independent wireless lights, which are sufficient to light most equipment. Because they are not wired, but rather are attached via magnets, they can easily be used by more than one piece of equipment. This saves time and money for the owner who is using the lights, because there is no longer a need to purchase one light for every piece.

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