Simplify your life and let CoolMinder automatically clear your radiator for you.

ProMan PTO’s patent pending Fan Reverser for the Gator has brand-specific connectors which allows you to simply unplug the radiator fan’s existing connector and plug the CoolMinder in line and forget about it.  When the thermostat starts the Gator’s cooling fan, CoolMinder’s patented micro-electronic brain is pre-programmed to automatically reverse the fan’s direction for several seconds to blow out debris and dust build-up on your radiator.

The program then winds the fan down to a stop and reverses it to continue through its normal cooling cycle for a number of minutes. This entire sequence repeats automatically to assist in keeping your Gator’s radiator clean while you work or play/ Plug it in once and forget it while CoolMinder watches over your Gator’s cooling system.  

Other brand-specific CoolMinder Fan Reversers are available for the majority of Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Suzuki ATV’s and UTV’s.

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