Stormo Sustainables announces the acquisition of K&M Industries, a company making replacement versatile axle tubes in North Idaho. These durable tubes are able to stand up under the most rigorous conditions and are the top aftermarket choice for replacing factory tubes. Through this acquisition, Stormo Sustainables will now be able to offer these tubes at prices well below factory.
Factory parts on tractors are rarely up for the challenge of rugged day in, day out use, and this is clearly seen in axle tubes. The K&M Industries axle tubes now offered by Stormo Sustainables use high tensile heat treatment on 4140 ChroMoly alloy steel, making them much stronger than factory cast parts. In addition, they have added gussets to help limit breakage at the flange. A strong-back adapter can be used to protect the differential housing, another weak point in these tubes.
These tubes now offered by Stormo Sustainable have proven themselves in the tractor pulling industry. They have gone through a 500+ horsepower competition that broke factory parts every other turn, without breaking.
While stronger than factory parts, the axle tubs are made to factory spec tolerances. This ensures that they are easy to install and that the bearings fit well. A good fit helps protect the system and prevent breaking.
Stormo Sustainables is able to offer these axles at below dealership cost, with all models in stock. This includes a brand new HHT series with an 18-bolt flange. Many of these models are no longer made by the factory and are hard to find in the salvage yard. All come with a five-year warranty.
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Make this the last axle tube you need to replace!