For farmers who like to pack more work into each day, Case IH offers state-of-the art LED lighting solutions that can substantially benefit your safety and productivity on the farm. And, regardless of the type of farming you do, the more work you perform after hours, the more valuable good lighting becomes. What percentage of time do you farm in the dark? Let us know how LED lighting helps you get the job done, even at night.

“I can observe my crop and what’s ahead of me in the field 100 percent better,” says George Krom of Rochester, Ind., who relies on Case IH LED lights so he can continue to farm his fields long after sunset.  “The LED lights provide a much clearer and brighter light.”

In fact, the lighting world has undergone some big changes over the last few years. Today’s LED lights produce a crisp, bright light – the closest to real daylight of any artificial light source – for reduced operator fatigue and increased visibility.

And when you switch to LED lights, superior visibility isn’t the only bright spot:  The solid-state construction of LED lights eliminates fragile bulbs, filaments and electrodes – making them perfect for the harsh conditions your equipment faces. Plus, LED lights last 20 times longer than a comparable High Intensity Discharge (HID) light, and there is no ballast to replace.  The result: major time and money savings over the life of your machine.

“These lights are an important investment in your personal safety,” notes Aaron Booth, Case IH Product Marketing Manager for lighting, electrical products and batteries. “By investing in LED work lights, you’ll not only save on parts and labor costs, but also the time and inconvenience that a failed light could cost you.”

The comprehensive range of LED work lights from Case IH can be easily installed on all types of tractors, combines and implements. They’re compact, highly durable, and best of all, they’re affordably priced.

“I have LED lights on three pieces of my equipment: a restored 966 tractor, a Case IH Magnum 315 and on my Case IH combine,” says Krom. “The lights were simple to install and there were no complications.”

You can choose from different lamp styles, as well as different beam patterns that cover more area than traditional lights.

“If you’re considering adding work lights to your equipment, you’ll want to consider their use and location on your machinery before making your selections,” says Booth. “With so many options, it’s worth taking the time to talk with your Case IH dealer about which lights are right for you.”